What happens now that David Cameron plans to scrap the Human Right Act?

I'm getting into politics and i was interested in what impact this could have on the UK.
I'm hearing different things like that apparently this won't really affect us that much.
i dunno, what do you think?

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  • You mean the cops are going to treat the protesters like neutered cattles?


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  • Abolishing the NHS, and upping tuition fees.

    He's really made it hard on our generation, and we hate him for that.


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  • Let's start with the basics... what are the contents and what is the scope of the "human rights act?" There's a common game politicians play where they'll take a bill, stuff it to the gills with pork, and give it a name like the "children's future act," then play the "You don't HATE children... do you?" card with the press as soon as someone calls bullshit on the bill's contents.

  • it will depend on whats in the bill of rights he's planning to replace it with. I think the biggest issues with the act that the conservatives have are

    Right to participate in elections (which includes prisoners)
    and right to marry and start a family

    I imagine little else will be changed

  • i'll cry now... :(