Ed sheeran Writing Style?

Ed sheeran Writing Style?

I mean the guy is genius. What have you noticed in his writing style and what moves you in his music?


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  • He is really an amazing artist I just love is songs and especially his lyrics...

    I would have to say my favorite is how he's not afraid to tell a story about his life and his relationship with people in them and how deep he gets:

    For instance:

    A Team... He literally wrote this song about a girl he met that had a tough life and was going down hill

    Wake Me Up... He went into every detail about his girlfriend he went deeper than just saying I love you

    UNI... How he'sadmitting he still has feelings for his girl but they had to go their separate ways also I love how he goes out side of the box and raps

    Don't... He wasn't afraid to put his feelings or his relationship with someone out for the world to know (Elie Gulding cheating on him with Nial Horan)

    Afire Love... He told the sad story of what his grandfather and family is going through as he's aging and losing his memory

    And these are a few there's so many more I could name.

    • Every song he writes deserves recognition right? I mean what do you think about the song (I see fire)?

    • Lol, I was really struggling to decide which ones to post since I could only post five.

      I See Fire, Afire, and Blood Stream are my favorite 3 songs on that album but anyways I believe he made it for the film The Hobit though I've never seen it regardless of that I believe the meaning is that there is a god or greater being watching over them and if the day shall come he's willing to face his fate as long as he's with his family he can face anything.

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  • First of all, he's a lyrical genius. Secondly, I love how he plays music on loops when he plays live because it's like a one-man band type thing. I don't know, he just does everything so effortlessly and has such raw natural talent


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  • if i knew who he is... o_O

    • Srsly? You're from the UK and you don't know who he is? xD Are you living under a rock, Klaatu, or what? Lol.

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    • yeah, I've noticed with all your 80s music questions. xD
      but it's still kinda weird that he's so popular in your country and worldwide and you haven't even heard of him, haha.
      but it's kewl, you do you! :D

    • @missnowhere not as much popular as taylor swift or miley cyrus i guess... i know bout em, even if i don't want to :(

  • I. I? I!
    ... I'm not particularly bothered by him. Just another musician, decent music.