How is the black community oppressed?

So, there is a reason why black communities are not striving, why black communities are known to be the most dangerous. Why is that?

I have a question for the black community to answer. Id like to know your thoughts on what needs to be done to finally uplift the stigma that the black community has on them.


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  • Take a look at Baltimore right now. There were riots over the death of a black man in police custody and furious demands for police to stop aggressive policing.

    So the police have backed off. And in one month, the black community has ravaged themselves with murder... there have been 38 in the past month, bullets are flying everywhere, and the city is seeing its highest murder rate since prior to the new millennium.

    What it comes down to is their own lack of accountability. They got dealt a shitty past, but they use it as an excuse for a shitty future. More interested in blaming white folk and police for their problems rather than their gang culture. Inequitable school resources contribute... but I have yet to see someone who truly tries to get ahead fail to do so.


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  • In a way, they are.
    I live in Chicago. The black communities here are dangerous and wrought with gangs.
    That being said, society has kind of isolated them.
    Jobs don't exist there. Cops arrest and beat (sometimes) and think otherwise. So many people from there are in jail.
    In Illinois, you are many more times likely to go to jail for a minor drug offense if you're black.
    It doesn't quite seem right.

  • they r oppressed most times in history actually ;)


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