Was it a joke at my expense?

To make a long story short, a group of friends held a bonfire and ended up drinking and playing truth or dare. Twice two different men I didn't know were asked who they thought was the hottest girl there and I was picked both times. A female friend rolled her eyes then lifted my arm shouting out that she was sitting next to the hottest girl at the party.
There were actual models at the party. Girls who are bombshell blondes who are tall and thin. I am not like that at all. It made me really self conscious and I ended leaving early.
Was as this a mean joke at my expense?


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  • Probably not.
    I don't think most people come up with elaborate social games/jokes when they're drunk... I think they are probably more honest then *shrugs*.


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  • You should worry if other girls at the party were peanut butter and jealous of you. If two different guys said you are hot, then your hot


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  • No I think all of you were loosey goosey and she just blurted out something stupid in a joking fashion. I think you took it to heart because you don't see yourself as others do. Not to mention the fact you were altering your mind with alcohol.