80s music poll: Favorite album by Kane Gang/Simply Red/Maisonettes/Drum Theatre?

Kane Gang were really gr8…. their debut album was a mix of jazz/blue-eyed soul/synth-pop, yet one of da most underrated bands of this era. Their 2nd album was good as well especially their cover version of “Don’t Look Any Further”.

Simply Red were 1 of my least fav bands of this era tbh…not my taste.

Maisonettes and Drum Theatre were 1-album bands…. Maisonettes’ album was just “ok”…and Drum Theatre’s album was kinda above average, with some really good songs J

  • The Bad And Lowdown World Of The Kane Gang (Kane Gang)
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  • Miracle (Kane Gang)
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  • Picture Book (Simply Red)
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  • Men And Women (Simply Red)
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  • A New Flame (Simply Red)
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  • Maisonettes For Sale (Maisonettes)
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  • Everyman (Drum Theatre)
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  • 80s music sucks ass

  • 80s music shit