What do you think is an acceptable price in rent given my situation?

My 2 year lease went up a month ago. Since then I have been staying with a friend in her 2 bedroom apartment with her daughter, her husband, my two children and my boyfriend until I save up enough money to rent and find another home. The rent at my previous household was $750 a month for a 3 bedroom house with everything included except electric. The place I am staying now, her rent is only $600 a month with everything (including electric) included. I pay for my own lunches and necessities for my children and myself, along with buying dinner every night for everyone within the household since I have been here. I make $8.50 an hour at Time Horton's and on average get a $246 paycheck every week. Given that I buy my own food/everyday needs and everyone else's dinner, I only have around $110 at the end of the week to save up. This girl wants me to give her $80 a week after spending at least $100 just in dinner stuff (since no one knows how to use a stove and there is never dinner cooked when I return from work). And this is not including the weeks I work over time when I bring in close to $350-$370. In them cases, she has had me help pay for her cable bill. Her and her husband together make well over $2100 a month with their combined jobs and have more than enough money after paying all their bills, to spend on basically whatever they want. Upon moving in here she told me she was going to help me save up so I could get back on my feet. My boyfriend is currently out of his job because of a job related accident that left him bedridden until his injuries are healed. On top of this, she has taken her daughter out of daycare since we have moved in and she has made my boyfriend (though he's bedridden) watch her daughter while me, her and her husband are out working. Maybe I am overreacting but to me this seems completely ignorant, selfish and uncalled for. We have nowhere else to go until we find a home of our own. Am I overreacting or is this truly unfair?


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  • its really unfair.


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  • 750/month? sounds 2 much in my opinion... is this one cheaper at least?

    • While living here I pay close to $700 to sleep on a couch, and that's not including the food I buy for the household. Which means I have been paying her rent and her cable for her. I have saved $46 in the month of being here. I should have been able to save more where I make $860-900 a month.

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