Help me find the phone I want, please help me?

1. touch screen
2. wifi hotspot (and i mean one that send a wifi signal from my phone to my laptop so i can use my mobile internet on my laptop, not wifi where i want to connect my phone to a wifi signal)
3. flash light
4. camera on front and back of phone
5. quite abit of memory
6. got to be on pay as you go and on 3 network
not all of them have all of what i want and if they do they are not on pay as you go

oh and has to be £200 maximum willing to pay, no more, dont just say iphone or androids i need to see the actual phone, maybe from a website link that show all of what i want


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  • any android.

    • not ever android comes with a flash light or a camera on both sides or a hotspot or lots of memory

What Guys Said 1

  • 3 phones you should look at,
    the Nokia 640 it's a windows phone and relatively cheap
    The Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (it's in essence a galaxy s3 remake)
    The ZTE Grand X Max + (ZTE is a hit and miss company this phone is a hit)

    One of my jobs is selling cellphones and those three seem to be the best bang for the buck. All of them are under $200.00 American as for service providers I can't recommend anyone outside of the US