Quick! Should I go to Vegas w GFS or see my boyfriend tomorrow even though it will be only for a little?

Having sucha hard time deciding what to do. My boyfriend and I haven't seen each other for almost a month cause were long distance and busy but tomorrow or this weekend we're trying to squeeze each other in the time we do have so its either he comes see me for like the evening or I go see him, stay the night at his place and leave in the morning.
My friend is celebrating this weekend in Vegas and I know its going to be so much fun! Fri-Sun. Also, I've only been to Vegas once and it was a nice experience but I went w my boyfriend and he kind of ruined it cause he didn't want to go clubbing or partying just casinos so I didn't get to exactly party so this is my sec time going if I do go and itll be the perfect chance to have the ultimate Vegas experience! I kind of o want to go to Vegas but that will mean: getting up early in the morning and meet the girls, and calling off work saying I woke up really sick or something. Seeing him would be of course nice but it will only be for a few hrs and honestly, what are we going to do? compared to Vegas, nothing. What to do?

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  • The fact that you're even questioning seeing your boyfriend when it's been so long since you've seen each other says a lot about the quality, or lack of quality I should say, of your relationship.

    You should be ecstatic to see him if you actually cared about him.

    • Ha I mean it goes deep. I am being honest with myself and I am usually miserable when I am with him. I think about seeing him, the guy I love and yes I am ecstatic and choose him over anything even Vegas. But I get realistic, and the way he is urks me and makes me want to go to Vegas cause I know Ill be with my boyfriend even more miserable knowing I couldve been in Vegas having fun, not sitting here annoying by him and probably crying.

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    • @Asker If he makes you feel bad when you are around him then why not break it off with him. It does not matter if you have strong feelings for him or not if he makes you cry and feel bad. You would be better off without him.

    • Its just really complicated. I just talked to him and he said going to Vegas is the best thing since its Vegas so I should take advantage of the trip.

  • Go to Vegas. Have fun. You can meet your boyfriend again in a while its not even been a month.

    • That's another way I thought of it exactly. Even he said Vegas because it's Vegas.