Why do people always get the word "cynical" and "hypocrite" mixed up?

i see this happen the most in the Spanish language.

anyways growing up i've always heard hypocrite people get labeled as "cynical" most of the time. either that or sometimes the hypocrites gets labeled as both, yet i dont understand where is this misconception is coming from. both of these word have their own definition each in the English and Spanish dictionary, yet again i often see people either mixing these two words up or using them both when judging a person who is false by nature. so i was wondering, any of you guys have an idea what this might be a part of?


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  • I've never noticed that, not even in French. The words have completely different meanings. Are they spelled similarly in Spanish? Sometimes hypocrites do come off as cynical with their attitudes, but the words are not synonyms for each other.

    • yes, cynical in Spanish is "cinico" and hypocrite is "hipocrita." but just like in English they too have completely different meanings. but i just dont see why people mix these up so much. maybe is just a habit since what you said is kinda true about hypocrites coming off as cynical. or maybe its also because cynical people tend to see others as hypocrites

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  • Never noticed people making that mistake.

  • they were educated in America.