Do you still watch your favourite teams if you think it's more likely than not they will lose?

I still watch. They might pull off an unexpected upset and I feel like I would be a turncoat to ignore them during challenging times.
How about you?


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  • Yes. However, if it's 3/4 of the way through the game and it's obvious they are going ot lose, I will stop watching.


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  • Football or Cricket? lol...

    I don't watch TV anymore except the summer Australian open for Tennis

    I'm from your follow list :P

    • I like the 4 kinds of football but not cricket.
      I like the tennis too.
      I would follow you too if I knew who it was.
      I might be able to guess though.

    • You follow me. You know me well. :)

What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah, win or loss doesn't matter much. Of course, it feels awesome when our favourite team wins. But it cannot win every time and we can't lose faith either. ;)

    • Cool. You're the only person who has answered so far. My sports questions never seem to do well.
      Actually, the reason I asked was because my two favourite teams in two different sports were on tonight. One was written off by all the experts and one was almost a certainty to win.
      I watched the one expected to lose and they pulled off the upset and I got to see the last 20 minutes of the other game too where my favourite team got home to a romping win.
      So I'm happy. If you don't watch, you don't get to see the upset wins.

    • hahahaha!! okay... well, don't expect too much but don't lose faith either. I always cheer my team till the end.