Is this a douchey thing to do?

So I'm a junior and my good friend is a senior. Tomorrows a do-nothing kinda day, except at 1:00 the seniors graduate.
Am I a Dick to not show up? Because there's not really much to do for me, cuz I'm a junior and I'm not graduating.
Also, I live far away from my school. I have to commute.
What do you think? would I be a Dick to not go?


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  • Do you have any friends that are going to graduate?

    • Yeah my friend, the senior.

      I'm at a point where I'm just exhausted from the whole year and I don't wanna see all those people until next year...

      But a good friend of mine is graduating. Would I be a Dick to not go?

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    • Based on the fact that we don't really hang out outside of school, I'd say probably not. But I might hit him up out of the blue and catch up sometime.

      We go to school in a big metropolitan city, so our lives will definitely go in different paths and shit...

      Should I ask him if he wants me to go? If so, how do ask in a casual way that's not all dramatic?

    • I think just go and when you get there let him know you were there and leave it at that then go home after

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  • I think that's something you should ask your friend tbh. Ask if it's something they want you to be at or if they're cool with you not showing up. Then act accordingly.

    • The thing is, my friends not the type of dude who'd make a big deal about it.. So I ask he'd be like "nigga, do what you want".

    • But like as a cover up of how he actually feels, so it would be hard to read.

    • I think it would be very nice of you if you went, even though it means you have to commute and stuff. It's just for a day, and it is his graduation so it's a somewhat big event.

  • If I was you, do as you want. Its really not a big deal if you skip since
    A.) you commute and its a waste of time
    B.) Its not like you are graduating.


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  • Wouldn't he want your support? What about when you graduate? Do you want your good friend to be there for you?

  • Nope not unless you sabotage it with some scheme

    • So it's socially exceptable to not go out and see my friend graduate?

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    • just sit through it if you ever shared personal stuff with him (not the crush you have with the cute girl that sits on her chair either) you'll have your answer

    • We don't talk about deep shit, we just casually hang out A lot

  • Kinda.
    Your friend is graduating,
    people go to their friends' important life events.

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