Need to test out my new headphones?

Got new headphones (sennhheiser 595) last week and they're amazing. I can't find any song that's a real challenge for them so please give me some song sugestions that you think will be a challenge for these bad boys.


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  • give In Flames a try :)

    • In flames are awesome !

    • crystal clear even when blasting it... cool songs by the way thanks and I like never listen to metal

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  • Bohemian Rapsody is the go-to song for testing anything.

    • I have already, that was one of the first hahaha. It sounded like heaven.

  • If it's 7.1, like mine then play some games, as music would not do jack shit.
    I personally would test "Sanic - Gotta go Fast" although your headset may break in the process.

    • lol I think that did it, gj. At first I thought you were trolling too haha. There were definitely parts that were not perfectly clear.

    • Yeah, my headset cost roughly £300 and it doesn't pick it all up.

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