POLL: Who is the best mouse in the history?

A. Jerry :- An animated character of award winning animated series Tom and Jerry
B. Mickey mouse :- Official mascot of the Walt Disney
C. Stuart Little :- Leading character of a movie grossing $300+ millions
D. Chuck E. Cheese :- Character owned by American pizza and entertainment company
F. Deadmau5 :- Currently 16th best dj in the world. Grammy nominee and his single 'Ghosts 'n' Stuff' is the first single to reach the top spot after it had dropped off, then return to, the chart.

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OMG!!! Zer0 votes for Deadmau5 😲


Most Helpful Girl

  • Jerry Jerry JERRY.. Because.. Well just because really... :)

    • Hahaha sweet :)

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    • Best wishes for the future :) Keep smiling!

    • Thank you.. And the same to you my darling. :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • The thing with Jerry was that when every one watched T&J as kids, they cheered for Jerry because of his wit but as every one got older, they realized that Jerry was actually an asshole and they felt sorry for poor Tom.

    I mean, Tom was a house cat, that meant that Jerry could just always move someplace else yet he always stayed wherever Tom was - making Tom's life miserable.


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