Obsessive thoughts, can't get rid of them?

Hey! So this is going to seem really stupid but I have ocd ( getting treatment) so I do this whole " not being able to let go of thoughts " thing and it's really annoying. The past two years, it was mostly based around academic realted stuff, but like two days ago, I was working on my french assignment which was a story on my favourite hockey team that not many people know of where I live unless they watch hockey ( Chicago Black hawks, I live in toronto :P ).

So this girl that I dont like, who also doesn't watch hockey, asks to look at my assignment and before I could say anything to answer her, she takes it and starts going through it. After that I started getting uncomfortable with her knowing my team's logo even though she doesn't know the team's name.

The one thing I love about he Hawks jersey is the indian head. Now, everytime I look at it, it brings back the discomfort from her looking at it and I can't seem to "like it" anymore when the thought of her looking at it comes in. If I stay truly focused to my team, the whole obsession thing starts up again but then my mind diverts to te girl and I start not liking it.. I don't know if it makes sense. This has happened before for like math and stuff. I'd try to figure out the why reasons and when I do figure it out, I would be like " oh okay I got it now, I can forget about it" but I just can't stop thinking about it and the thought comes back and I keep feeling like I'm confused.

Anyways, how do I get out of this, not liking my team's jersey cause those thoughts keep coming back kind of thing, even though I love them. This sounds reallyy stupid but I'm not trolling. It was purely academic and now it's reaching other levels, I'm going to talk to my psychiatarist for sure.


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  • hmmm... guess it'd be better 2 get rid of em so u can feel more relaxed...


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  • Um... just be patient and don''t give a crap about these thoughts and they will go away. Keep on thinking them if you have to until your mind is fully satisfied.


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  • yeah a psychiatrist is a good idea.

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