I'm confused, why did this happen?

So there's this guy I'm kind of friends with and he wanted to hangout so I went to hangout with him. And he kissed me and we made out and then he gave me a hickey and he wanted me to give him one too, so I did whatever. That's as far as it went. But this girl broke up with him 5 days ago And he said he still loved her (not to me though to her sister) I didn't know anything about her and she got really upset. Anyways she saw the hickeys on him and freaked out. Now he hasn't talked to me. I am genuinely confused here. They aren't dating anyways so why freak out if they aren't dating and she won't take him navk? Why did he even kiss me in the first place, was I just being used?

*Well he has talked to me but he won't like discuss what happened.


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  • oh well... guess he's afraid of da other gal i guess!


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  • you're just being used.

    • For what though to purposely make that girl jealous?

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