What are people's thoughts on FIFA re-electing The same president during all the scandals?

As a yank I think it's a joke that the world governing body of soccer would re-elect the same president even with all these scandals. Seemed like the votes were automatic without opposition. Is this guy truly loved or has money and curroption made FIFA ethics into a joke?

The election was done ASAP, why weren't there at least a week or so before they were held.


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  • Apparently he's popular with the associations in the developed world because he's made sure they get plenty from FIFAs development fund. Plus many of them are as corrupt as him.

    UEFA (Europe's Football Association) has called for him to step down and has suggested they will boycott the next world cup in Russia in 2018 if Blatter doesn't resign.

    I live in Ireland and get the British and Irish media and not one person here doesn't hate Blatter. The problem is he runs an organisation that is corrupt to the core so they won't take him on. Normal fans can't influence them without hurting the teams we love. The companies and sponsors are going to stay on as long as there's money in the world cup.

    For now, it looks like the FBI, who are investigating FIFA right now and arrested a few officials on Monday I think it was, is our only hope to get rid of them. Hopefully, they continue to find evidence and lock the worst up so that the sponsors have to pull out and the smaller football associations turn on FIFA.


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  • i think it's dumb.


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