Have you ever had a friend or acquaintence ruined because of an ex?

Has there a person you were friends with or just casually talked to that was ruined because of a person you dated who is now dating them or friends with them?

I know now this sounds childish but this girl who was my closest to a relationship used me to get back at her on and off ex of 6 years who I ran cross country with and my younger brothers are closer to him and his family. He didn't do anything to me, but the fact that she complained about him and said how abusive he was and then ended up going back to him kinda ruined it for me. Oddly enough he even told me she's a psycho and I dodged a bullet after I told him we dated and she was talking shit about him and now she's with him. It makes me feel like I'm nothing compared to him and everything she told me was a lie and she just manipulated me. Again I don't hate him personally but because she used me to get back at him seeing him or hearing his name brings up bad memories. It wouldn't have been an issue if she didn't use me to make him jealous. I'd just rather not see the guy. Funny thing is, when I called her out on her buklshit. She acts like I'm a jealous asshole when she's the one who used me to make him jealous.


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  • just ignore her!

    • I do, it's just the situation I got dragged into.

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  • never... even so, i doubt they would tell me...

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