Has "United We Dream" finally gone too far?


The activist group "United We Dream" is now up to something, according to LifeSiteNews, that is unprecedented. They are now saying that all illegals inside US prisons should be set free, regardless of whatever crimes they may have committed - provided they identify as some shade of LGBT.

Now, I know most have the false "equality" argument rammed down their throats, and must at least pretend to agree with it to graduate high school. But it would appear in this instance that UWD is no longer interested in "equality" by any definition of the word. They are now seeming to argue that gays should be above the law, period.

Worse... how do they verify that if one of those illegal aliens "identifies" as such so as to use it as a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card, that they'll be required to demonstrate? Or that they'll continue to be such once they're free? And if they're bisexual, then how does letting them be above the law necessarily benefit anyone in the long run? How does it mean anything, when straight criminals don't get the same luxury?

And what if they're in because they robbed a bank? Or hacked a woman to smithereens with a chainsaw? There is no logical way to ensure such a "cleansing" could even happen, unless all illegals were allowed to roam free. Essentially, this would mean that invading the country must be rewarded rather than punished, consequences be damned.

In the good old days, that was called treason. Every single other nation on Earth (save for maybe Sweden) seems to agree with this old paradigm, including Mexico, a big offender in sending illegals to America.

So has UWD finally completely discredited itself? Seems to me, they're just using gullible gays to further a much more sinister end goal, one hardly related to LGBT in any way, (apart from the fact that both issues were once a big deal to the KGB.)

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  • Way too far!


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  • If that's true, then of course they're going too far. I believe in equality, therefore I believe that people should be punished equally for the same crime, regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexuality.

    • I'm sure there are some who will see the rainbow flag is involved, and forget everything else. It doesn't take too many connecting-the-dot sessions to see through this one though. Just when I thought nothing would surprise me anymore. I just hope ICE is smarter than this. If UWD thinks it's "unfair" that they get locked up for invading the country and mugging/raping/whatever citizens, just imagine how "oppressed" they'll think they are when frustrated citizens turn into vigilantes.

      These are the times of "me want, me want, me want," but God forbid anyone ask: "And then what?"

    • I think every group has extremists. I hope those who read the article understand that most LGBT people want equality, not special treatment. Fighting for human rights/freedoms is a good thing, but asking for something as ridiculous as what you mentioned in your question is just stupid and counterproductive.

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