GAGers: Which video streaming service do you think is the best?

Pros of Netflix:
Largest library of content
Most popular
More cinema-centric than Hulu Plus & Amazon Prime (for those who prefer movies over shows)
Small $8/month fee
Compatible with every tablet, computer, TV, and console
High quality & award-winning original content (Such as"House of Cards", "Orange is the New Black", and"Daredevil")
Cons of Netflix:
You'd have to wait up to a year to get the latest season of your favorite show (for those who prefer shows)

Pros of Amazon Prime:
Middle ground with movies (Less than Netflix, but more than Hulu)
Also has some original content (Such as "Alpha House" and "Transparent", of which the latter won a Golden Globe)
Membership comes with free 2-day shipping on all items ordered through Amazon
Cons of Amazon Prime:
Slightly higher monthly fee of $8.25 (as opposed to $8) or $99 a year
Smallest library overall

Pros of Hulu Plus:
Fairly large library of content
More television-centric than Netflix & Amazon Prime (for those who prefer shows over movies)
New episodes air 24 hours after live television premiere
Same cost as Netflix
Cons of Hulu Plus:
Less movies than both Netflix and Amazon Prime

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Right now I have Netflix. The main disadvantage of it, as others have said, is that its selection is somewhat limited. Amazon Prime's main disadvantage is that you can't get the app on some devices, such as Apple TV. Plus it's a few more bucks per year, although I don't care about that. Hulu Plus is a no-go for me until they make it ad-free.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Netflix for sure!

  • I'd say Netflix is good


What Guys Said 4

  • I'm an avid Amazon Prime user. I can access it through my tv and its so convenient. I'm not big on shows and stuff, but I love movies and I can watch almost any movie anytime I want.

  • Netflix used to be good until STARZ pulled its movie catalogue... now a lot of the good movies aren't available anymore... :(

  • Netflix still is on top. I'd like to see Amazon Prime gain more traction though

  • I just download shit illegally actually lol.

    But I use Netflix and Amazon Prime occasionally.