He hasn't been replying to me for 5 days now, is ok to tell that he should tell me if he doesn't want to talk anymore?

I hate being ignored. I want him to tell me if he doesn't want to talk to me anymore he should just tell me. Why does he just keeps me hanging?

We had a good time together. I made a mistake too but im trying to correct it.


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  • Girl.. really.. he's leaving you hanging because you are allowing him to. 5 days no reply something or someone else has him occupied. I'd move on if I had not got a reply back. If you need closure call. Don't let no man toy with you like that. Too many that won't toy with you.

    • I sent him message. I told him i'd appreciate it if he will tell me not to bother him anymore rather than keep things hanging. But im moving on already.

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  • Guys are on the hunt a lot sorry

    • what do you mean?

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    • I sent him message that i'd appreciate it if he tells me that I should not bother him again. He finally sent message and explaining that he saw my message and plan to text me back today. So he still cares right?

    • If your going to talk about being in a relationship with him that should be done talking live on the cell phone or home land line because sending a few short text is a joke to me Its a way of getting out of something so he won't have to hear live voice drama,. That's lame to me big time. Good luck and let me know when your done.

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