How to move past a crush and a really bad situation?

I sent a long paragraph to my crush yesterday about some things that I needed to explain to him but all he answered was "K" I told my bery close friends about this and one of them told the guys friend and he told her ( he doesn't even like her or can stand her) thenn that guys texts me telling me that I should move on and that my crush will come back... I wasn't really affected by him not liking me back or the "K" he sent me because I already suspected all that but how can I drift past it and not make anything obvious in school


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  • Be strong, you know how he feels here, dear. Go about your every day life in school and try and avoid him as much as possible. After awhile, like the school walls and all, he will become like this, with the writing on your own wall... Nothing obvious.
    Good luck. xx