Guys mum says to me "I know you love him"?

Im close with this guy, he almost all the time says he likes me and calling me beautiful.
He was married before , but now divorced. His mum approached me yesterday and said 'I'm glad you and him are talking, that wedding shouldn't have happened" and "I know you love him"
But whenever she asks him about me he avoids it,
besides always texting me? And he's being doing so for 6 years


  • She can see you and him being together but he doesn't know if I like him enough
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  • He's not interested
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  • He is interested but doesn't want commitment
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  • i think he is shy, and i never talk about intrests with my mom


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  • You don't give enough detail. If I had to guess, I would say he likes you but is gun-shy from his first marriage.

    • Detail like?

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    • Well I've known him for years, we've been texting me for like 6 years, even when he was engaged he said he likes me..
      However I heard the girl ended he marriage cause he was flirting around.

    • *the

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