This question is serious and for people who have excelled in undergrad science courses. Please help?

Very serious question. Long story short: I aim to go to dental school and currently work full time 30+ hours a week mon-thurs. I previoulsy, 3 years ago, went for the same goal but honestly i did not put in any work in and suffered because of it. I truly regret what i did last time around and i feel almost traumatized because im 28, 29 this August, and all of my friends are 3-4 year dentist students, and im not. I also was an art student before and was not accustomed to the science route. Being more mature, I am now returning back to this process and starting off with chem 1 and bio 2 again. I have come to understand that when you study science, that you have to understand it and not just go to class and go home and pop in a video game. Although i start school in August, I have been studying from chapter 1 on my own and taking personal notes and practicing problems for a couple weeks now. I know that there is no set TIME on how often/many hours u should study, but lately I've been studying about 1-2 hours per day, everyday, out of my chemistry book. Its hard to gauge myself on how fast/long i should be studying, since i am not in classes yet. Do you think that im starting off good enough? Some of my friends told me that I may be overthinking this whole thing and that i will be fine with the amount of time i currently put into it, as opposed to my habits before. I know this question may seem redundant but i really want to do well in my classes because i need to pull up my science gpa to at least 3.2 and my overall is 3.5 but now my sgpa is like a 1.6 because i left-before classes started, to go to texas and didn't DROP :(
and im so worried because i dont have family help and i just want to succeed. For people who have done well, is studying this amount of time per day a good idea? Please serious comments only..


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  • man u should study for as much as u can... don't overpush yerself... otherwise u might fail ;)

    • thats the thing i dont know when im studying too much or too little. Thats y im trying to gauge the approximate time one should be studying for these type of courses