How does this sound for a girl to you?

Her personality can be more manlike, have a witty and dirty sense of humor, can be a big flirt, very strong willed, is open minded, able to stand up for herself, her friends aad family, etc.

Her music taste ranges from all kinds of metal genres. She also likes rock, punk, hardcore, grindcore, industrial, goth, rockabilly, and bits of everything else. She also owns lots of band shirts, and even has a large collection of CDs, vinyls, and cassettes.

She likes other things such as video games, movies (including horror, sci fi, action, comedy, and exploitation), television, cartoons, comics, anime, manga, literature, art, fighting sports (wrestling and MMA), bikes, etc.

She often works out so her body is pretty fit.

Her big talent is drawing. She'd like to draw things such as dark art, fantasy, pinups, metal related art, and so on.

It's up to you whether she'd have it or not, but she'd also have things like tattoos and piercings.

Forgot to mention that she also like tabletop games, including RPGs (like D&D), card games (like MTG), miniature wargames (like Warhammer), board games, etc.


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  • interesting... if she likes 80s music as well i'm ok wid it :p


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