Why do I keep hearing/reading the word "entitled" so much?

It seems as though I've heard it many times more often since I joined GAG.


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  • its a fun word.


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  • A lot of people on GAG are extremely bitter.

    • It seems as though the bitter ones aren't using the term entitled. It seems people are telling bitter people that they are bitter because they feel entitled. Interesting.

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  • Part of the problem lies on the fact that people are so badly misusing the word that anything they say is essentially resistant to analysis and criticism.

    First things:

    To be entitled is to have a right or claim especially a property claim.

    No idiot is going to come along chastise me for exercising a property claim on my car. I am entitled to do so. (It says so right there on the title for the car!)

    What people actually want to say when they are having a problem with someones behavior regarding rights and claims is this:

    "That person is acting AS THOUGH THEY WERE entitled."

    The problem isn't in the exercising of a right.
    The problem is in attempting to exercise a right you don't actually have.

    In all this confusion, "being entitled" changed status from having a legitimate right to NOT having a legitimate right.

    Awesome... can I haz all wrdz mean ther apposits?

    Now we have all seen someone acting as though they were entitled. The behavior is off putting regardless of circumstances.

    Classic example:

    Father comes home from work and sees future son-in-law sitting in HIS chair, drinking HIS beer, and generally acting like he owns the place.


    Now take that emotion you feel about clueless future son-in-law, pack it away on a box, tape the box shut, and write "ENTITLED" on the top of that box in black sharpie.
    Now set that box away on a shelf for future need. (I'll be getting back to this, trust me.)

    Let us now talk about a different circumstance as routinely appears on GaG: the FrIeNdZoNE!!!

    Girls are quick (very, very, quick) to say a guy is acting entitled when he experiences the frustration of unrequited love.

    But what does this actually mean? What property or right claims is he making? (No one is so dense as to think that the girl constitutes property.)

    No, what's happening here is that box marked "ENTITLED" is being taken off the shelf, and the emotion contained therein is being assigned to the guy.

    You KNOW how you are supposed to feel here. Right?
    Just go ahead and feel that way about this dude. No need for any close analysis of the situation.
    No need to ask questions.
    No need to get his point of view.

    Just react to the word "ENTITLED".
    Have our "Two Minutes Hate".
    Then we're done.

    See, wasn't that simple and easy?


    • What is really happening in this friendzone issue is a case of mismatched expectations.

      Hers and his don't align.

      That is unfortuante.
      It is also common.

      But it is NOT something he has done TO her.

      Making her out to be a victim may seem to be well meaning, but really it is wrong.

      All of this unpleasant discussion can be avoided IF we just say he was "ENTITLED". (Everyone knows that's bad even if they can't explain it.)

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    • @gray_sailor

      Excellently said. I vote this MHO!

    • @jacquesvol

      Thanks for you appreciation, it means a lot coming from you.

      The common misuse/abuse of the word "entitled" has bothered me for many years. When @Bluemax asked this question, my thoughts on the subject were already in order.
      I was limited only by the speed of my thumbs on my smartphone.

  • Because females tend to think males are being unreasonable when they expect them to want to have sex with them in a relationship, while males tend to think females are just stringing them around for free money if they aren't willing to have sex with them in a relationship. So both sides are pointing at each other, rather than realize that it's because their views are unhealthy and toxic.

    There is a better answer to this question, but I haven't come up with it yet. I probably won't in time.

    • Actually, you might be right. But that's been happening since time immemorial, yet it seems to me the introduction of the word "entitled" as it applies to what you're describing is relatively recent.

    • People seem to tend to claim that the other person is "entitled" if there is something that to that person seems like a "reasonable expectation" while to the other it's not.

  • It is one of those words that has lost its true meaning in this modern world.

  • and i keep seein "genuinely" often... ughhhh >:(

  • It's a weasel word that suggests the 'other' receives something he/she doesn't deserve.

  • Everyone thinks Millenials are entitled

  • Because people today are extremely entitled and people are realizing that.

    • I haven't noticed that people today are any more entitled than people from the past.

    • Yeah they are pay attention to younger people you'll notice it they think they are owed something.

  • You're just entitled to.

  • It's a knee jerk reaction to the suggestion people might have any obligations in an interaction beyond doing whatever they feel like but being 'honest'.

    • Interesting. Can you give an example?

    • I think the examples given have been accurate.

      I'd also concur that people are no more entitled than in the past. Rather people resent the implication they owe anyone anything more than in the past.

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