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I've been talking with this girl for about 3 weeks I think. Not in real life. We met each other in a game and since then we chat everyday. We chat about everything and there's something different about her. I mean, I can talk to her about things I've never felt I could with anyone else. Apparently, I think I'm falling for her. You can of course cry about "nah nah online relationship... nah nah bullshit... go find a real one". The thing is, we played a game. A game where we would ask 3 questions to each other on condition that our answers would be 100%. The game would end until someone give up. She asked me strange questions about marriage, love etc. She gave me all possible signs that she likes me. These signs were SO OBVIOUS! However, I acted like it wasn't me. The last questions was mine and it was: "Who is it?".
He said a guy from *different city than you're living*. So it wasn't me. All this time she was describing our ''experiences'' and it wasn't me. It was someone else with the exact same experiences. I'm not blaming her for not feeling the same but I just don't get. Everytime I fail I wish I could read women's minds. I wish I could make everything clear.


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  • I think you should try meeting someone in real life. Maybe a friend could set you up with someone. I never fully trust anyone online

    • She's coming in my town this summer just to see me. We talk everyday on Skype and none of my friends know her. That's not the point. What are the possibilities that guy she likes and me have done and said know the same things? I'm going to move on anyway but I just don't get it.

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  • but i don't see any clear signs bro :/

    • That's because I suck at explaining and giving details. I would give you our texts but they're TOO personal.