My parents said "we should talk about it"?

So my brother left on a trip yesterday and I'm alone at home. I have nothing to do, I'm bored and all my friends are still doing their exams.

I've been speaking to a close friend of mine in France, and he invited me over to his grandma's house for a couple weeks.

I just want to get away from here really... every day is the same, I'm stuck in my room watching TV with no one to speak to and hang out with.

So I asked my dad first and he said "We'll speak to your mum" and then I asked my mum and she was like "Dad told me about it, but we should speak about it together".

I'm taking that as a "No, you can't go"... because it's always been like that throughout my life. When I was younger and asked if I could go spend the night at my best friend's it was always "We'll talk about it".

It's funny how my parent's want me to spend time out side of my room, but whenever I tell them that I'll be able to, they tell me I can't.


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  • That means they want to make a decision with you present. What's so hard to understand?

    • No need to be so aggressive...

    • How was that aggressive?

    • "What's so hard to understand?" ... your response is passive aggressive.

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  • I mean it's France you know? Lol it's not like you're spending the night across the street at Johnny's house. It's normal for them to want to talk it over, just chill dude

    • Fair enough... I'll see how it transpires.

      I'm thinking they'll just avoid the conversation and I won't be able to go.

  • Okay so what's the question?

    • "I'm taking that as a "No, you can't go"..." (i. e is it a no or not?)

    • Well you said throughout your life it's always been like that and always lead to a "no", so it seems you've got your answer already yeah?

  • Yeah, you probably can't go.

  • You are older now so you can make decisions on your own. I think you should talk to them about it if you can't afford the trip all by yourself. Maybe save up some money for a while to go so no one can say "let's talk about it."


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