What car is this?

It's a Chevy but what model is it?
What car is this?


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  • My guess would be a Chevy Blazer like the other guy thinks. Also it is not a 2015 model the styling is too old for a 2015 car. It looks more like a 2000 car or mid 90's to me.

    • Actually I say the styling of this car is too old for the 2000 year. I think it is more like 1995.

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    • Oh yeah don't worry I wasn't thinking anything bad about you. If you love his car that is great. Also it might be a 2002. I am no expert on American cars. We don't really have American cars in my country we have mostly Japanese cars and so I am judging my styling opinion off what I see in Japanese cars but I do know American styling is different. It could be 2002. Sorry I am not much help.

    • No you're right it's a 1992!!! And yes it's a connection k have with him and I've always known his car was related to my soon to be car, and I didn't know it was a few years older and the same model which is cool! And he's got a nice back seat to do some playful things back there ;) he must've been thinking about things like that when he got it.

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