Got a PURE Siberian kitten/ cat but you're allergic?

Hello everyone :) well Im a huge fan of cats ( and animals in general ) and my mom promised that after nearly 1 month if not less I can get a kitten, the problem is my mom and little sister are allergic :/

I've searched on many sites and they said that PURE Siberian cats are free-allergy ( I dont remember the proper name of this situation ) anyway, I wanted to know if anyone here has a pure Siberian and they r allergic to cats...

Did u see any difference? what do u recommend?
Thanks for everyone who answers :) have a nice time!

  • What you read is right :D
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  • You mean hypo-allergenic cats. There are some cat and dog breeds which do not cause an allergic reaction or greatly minimises it. However, it's not really a risk you should take. If you do get it and they're still really allergic, you'd have to find it a new home which is emotionally difficult and it's hard to find them one. I would suggest you be patient and wait until you move out to get a cat or buy a sphynx (hairless cat).

    • Yeah Thats The name :D ! Well they aren't VERY allergic, They're just a normal level of allergic, if u know what I mean ! Haha :) Thanks for your opinion! :)

    • Whatever level of allergy, it's still annoying to be welling up and sneezing all the time.

  • I don't own cats but cats can still provoke allergies.

    • Yeah I know , But I read that a lot of people that have allergy were able to live with this breed , so I said I would ask people directly on here , Just to be sure ! :)

    • How about you ask a vet? You are going to see one anyway if you get the cat for it to get the snip or break its leg.

    • Yeah I guess you r right! Thank you :)

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