Do you think that with kik chat I can improve English?

do you think that with kik chat i can improve English? i dont know English well. So i need to improve it


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  • improve your English by looking at English movies subtitled in English (like for deaf people). Many movies on DVD are.

    • i watched lots of series. Breaking bad, prison break, lost, how i met your mother...

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    • Language on chat is sloppy and riddled with phonetic abbreviations.

    • you are right, but i looking for a choice..

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  • No, I don't think so. I would try interpals or tandem-app.

    • i use windows phone. There is no Tandem app. then i create an account

  • You can improve your English by just speaking it, like here, chatting with others.
    Watching movies in English , with English subs or without any subs


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  • Nope, if you wanna practice use app dulingo it's nice, go for watching movies, TV shows and pop music it will make you very fluent.

    • i watch movies and series, listesing English musics on radio.

    • @ismail3373 well! Then you don't need more, and if you want more you need to join a college or university for that. Apart from it you can go behind reading analyzing novels, or go behind another language, and if you wanna learn local, or the urban words of English , refer to urban dictionary website, or join a gaming group like age of warring empires or etc they will teach you LMFAO, lol, dgaf, wtf, dunno, roflmao

    • thanks man ! :)