What are some interesting things you like about them?

We all have little things that make us like someone even more than we already do. What unique little behaviors, physical things, etc do you find really attractive about in whichever sex you are attracted to. If it is specific to a specific person, say who it is!
For me, I like when a guy has nice hands. I like to imagine what they can do to me ๐Ÿ˜‚ I like a lanky body. I like when a guy bites his lip when he's nervous (I like to be able to tell when he's nervous). I also like neat eyebrows (I don't mean waxed or threaded or anything extreme. Just neat and not crazy.). Your turn!!!


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  • When a girl has that really calm, soft soothing voice that gets your so relaxed and tingly everytime she speaks (ASMR)

    Just having her lie beside be and whispering in my ear with her lips touching and gently playing with my ear would melt me so hard, I'll be weak forever.

    I really dig it when a girl has really well done nails and has a muscular feminine hand.

    When a girl smells really nice, it is extremely attractive.

    When a girl's hair looks and feels smooth, long, straight and shiny *-*

    When she is excessively polite and submissive and pleads for something, it sets me off.


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  • About my boyfriend...

    I like that he wears glasses


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  • I like when girl gives sexy wink๐Ÿ˜‰


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