I need help with my science project?

How do I present a science fare/expo project?

I don't know the materials I should use to build that board thing where it folds on the two sides, how should I pbysically build it?


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  • Get a cardboard trifold. Get your typed information about your project and your pictures and print them out. Your information should be separated into the steps of the scientific method. After they are printed cut them out and mat them. (put a piece of colored paper behind them like a frame) then glue them into your trifold. Then make a dandy looking title to put on top of your board, and bam! You are ready for science fair.


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  • hmmmm wot's it bout exactly man?

    • It's a display board where I have to attatched paper onto...

      Basically data and information is going to be on that board but I don't know how to make it

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