What is the best way to cope with extremely stressful times at work starting soon?

I am about to enter a stressful period of stress at work that was inflicted on me. I was asked to do extra work for a month, and I do believe it will be hard for me. I asked the people in charge to at least lessen the amount of work but they said they needed me and others.

Now I feel so depressed to the point I cannot enjoy my time off work. I feel these weeks will be an undeserved pumishment.

I am very sensitive to changes like this, especially when it involves things that are not within my specialization..

How can I stop feeling depressed and enjoy my free time?

I need your help guys?-O


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  • Hearing that makes me feel your pain , on the days your off the work payed off now you can go to a spa or go shopping enjoy yourself don't be inside your house all day , I thought staying in my house was a great idea until I got bored , sleepy , and the lack of socialing. If you have close friends invite them out alto girls night out or like a sleepover ( it doesn't matter what age you are :) )

    • Thanks dear... yeah it's exactly like a Monster that I have to face.

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  • just take various breaks during the day, when studyin :)

    • I am working ;-) I wish I were a student again

  • Sounds like they plan like shit. Sorry you're dealing with BS.

    • It's a lot of shit... I can't say no cos am at work anyways and I will get fired. So a month of it...

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