Did I see the future? What does this mean?

Okay this is going to sound really weird but hear me out.

About 3 years ago I had a dream that I remember so clearly to this day. I was in a house ( I can still remember all the details like the furniture, the lighting, the atmosphere etc) and I was holding this baby girl of about 6 months. Now the baby was obviously my child (it was the image of me as a baby, but only slightly different).

A man walks in who is obviously my partner and the father of the baby. But his face is blurred. Behind him walks in an older woman, his mother. She isn't blurred and I can remember everything about her.

Now I haven't thought about this dream in a really long time, until yesterday. I was introuduced to my newish boyfriends mother for the first tim. She is the older woman from my dream. I've never met this woman before and I only know my boyfriend a couple of months.

I told one of my friends this later that day and they were really freaked, like this isn't the first time I've had something like this happen. And im usually a really skeptical person.

What are your thoughts?



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  • This has happened to me too. I saw in my dream I was playing with 3 unknown girls in the park, and the next day I actually got to know them and I played with them. Some dreams are based on our subconscious, some from our recent thoughts and some come from God or from devil. Dreams are divided in three categories: things that we are afraid of, things that we want and things that will happen. If you think about it, you know in which category your dream fits into, but it doesn't mean you can explain it. Only people gifted from God can explain dreams. The safest way to proceed is to pay no attention to dreams.

  • Maybe you did...

    • o_O im not gonna lie, it freaked me out!