80s music poll: Favorite album by Black Lace/Toto Coelio (aka Total Coelio)?

Both pop/novelty bands…. mostly known 4 their songs “Agadoo” and “I Eat Cannibals” respectively…. they had some other good nice songs as well, yet they were totally underrated. Some people might say they were cheesy…but never mind LOL

  • Black Lace (Black Lace)
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  • Party Party – 16 Great Party Icebreakers (Black Lace)
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  • Party Party 2 (Black Lace)
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  • Party Crazy (Black Lace)
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  • 16 Greatest Party Hits (Black Lace)
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  • Man o’ War (Total Coelio)
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  • I eat cannibals? ... Are you serious?

    • yeah... otherwise they'd eat me :(

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  • How did I miss this question.
    I love them best 80's group. Did you see the " come back on voice UK"

    • this guy's not da original singer of Black Lace though... no?
      i mean durin their time when they released their big hits "Agadoo","Hokey Cokey" and "Do The Conga" he wasn't a member

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    • nope he wasn't:

      "1987 saw a switcharound; Gibb returned whilst Barton left to join Smokie.[1] Michael became a full-time member of Black Lace and he and Gibb released the single "Jammin' the Sixties" under the name Barracuda. The record was BBC Radio One Record of the Week, but failed to hit the chart."


    • in 1995 actually
      da other guy who appears in Agadoo music-video's still alive

  • black lace has horrible names for their albums... party party... party party 2... black lace... party crazy... 16 greatest party hits... they all suck

    • u cannot change em :|