What do you think of poker players?

Hello everyone!!!
I've been playing online poker since last December, and, while I'm not good enough to make a living (especially because I play at "micro-limits", so there's a bit more of luck involved than at the higher stakes) I am good enough to make the money that I want. So if I want to, let's say, earn $100 so I can go to a party this next weekend, it's pretty easy to do so. However, if I want to let the money grow into a huge amount, climb the stakes, etc., like a pro would do, then I seem to get stuck pretty easily.

Because I also study theory and review sessions, I consider myself a semi-pro player, that can make some side income (actually my only source of income right now as a 19 year old student) when he needs to.
I've also tried live in a very small local casino and I run amazingly well, so now I'm thinking about maybe upgrading to a bigger casino as a frequent player somewhere down the road.

I'm curious about what the GaG community (especially girls though) thinks about poker players. One girl I met a few months back actually got hugely turned off by seeing me playing in front of her. As soon as she realized it was real cash I was playing for, she just shut down her body language.
As some side notes, I usually only play more than 2 hours in a row only when I need to get money for somethnig, otherwise I can go for months without playing or playing only 1 tournament and day. And yes, I have no problems admiting that my best sources of income are drunk, addicted people. If I make the sacrifice to spend the night awake and sleep in the daytime/afternoon, the 4am-9am period is when you find druken people who've been losing all night and will basically hand you dozens of dollars in an angry attempt to get their money back. This happens online, but mostly live. And I also tend to tease these people so they get mad at me and invest even more.

On the other hand, when the players are in they normal state, it's a game that involves some deep thinking and body-reading skills (regarding live play).
So, how would you guys react if you met someone tomorrow that told you he's a semi-pro poker player? Would you think of him as a gambler, addict, or souless person?


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  • I'm a day trader, so I'd be picking his brain on the psychological and emotional control during the game.

    I think this is a great skillset you're building. Even if you end up on wall street with huge bonuses, having a backup source of cash can only help.

    • The skillset is pretty awesome. Psychologically speaking my life improved a lot. I now can read people's emotions pretty easy and I know when to back off when I need to. I also learned about when I should take my chances or just get the hell out of there. Like you said, emotional control is something I lacked (and still lack a lot), but eventually you start getting the hang of it. It's a pricey thing to learn because you cost yourself money when you let your emotions take control, but it comes in very handy in real life :)
      Nice answer!!

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  • Playing poker one in awhile for fun isn't a bad thing. Considering yourself a semi-pro player and treating poker as a source of income means you start to get addicted to it. What's even worse is taking advandage of other people for your own benefit.

    • It's a question of mindset. I don't play for fun. I play for money. It's just that I have fun making that money, but my goal is the money not the fun. And yea when I go into the table, I honestly don't care who is sitting there with me. They are enemies standing between me and my goal. When you're in a casino playing for $10 chips you just don't know if someone is betting their house or their kids' education. All you see is that chip flying around.

      This is the dark side of poker. Not proud of it, and I don't like it. I prefer the thinking and the body-reading skills that come with poker. But nevertheless it's a dark side that exists.

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    • Nice debate, thanks :)
      Just to make something clear, in the poker world, pros don't play pros. That's the way it goes. That happens on the TV because either a) They are in a tournament and they can't change tables, or b) They are getting paid to sit there with people who are better/the same as them.

      But online or in casinos, good players never ever play against players who are as good or better. It's unprofitable. If 2 people play the same, then over time things will balance out. Because you need to pay the casino in order to play there, even if things balance out you already lost.

      What happens in the real poker world, both online and in casinos, is that 2 or more good players will sit down on a table with 1 or more bad player, and destroy him. Good players very rarely play each other, and after the bad player gets up, the game ends.
      We are playing to make money. Some people are playing just to have fun. Either way I'm just playing my best game and adjusting it to my best opponents.

    • Well if you don't want to play with pros, at least don't purposefully go after drunk and addicted people.

  • I'm a poker player myself! I've been trying to play everyday for a few hours to get some practice. I'm inspired, cause a good friend of mine earns through online poker ( https://mr.bet/ ) . I personally don't play for real money. Prior to starting playing for the money, I'd like to know the game pretty thoroughly and know of which things I should get

  • I don't think much of it.


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  • ok... just their hobby cannot judge :p

  • As for me, I play a lot of different casino games on websites from https://casinomonster.ca I manage to earn some really decent money from there. So, poker and other games are great, as for me

  • I liked it when you said "on the other hand"

  • Parasites. They aren't contributing to society at all--and they play a zero sum game which impoverishes other people

    • Great! The kind of answer I was looking for :)

      So, can I assume that soccer players and chess players are also parasites? I mean, they don't contribute to society at all also. Besides, you're a tad wrong. PokerStars and Rational Group (company that has 2 online poker rooms) in general tend to have charity tournaments. For example, every PokerStars player could raise $2-5 to Nepal during this last month, and the room would double the donation. We ended up going way further than $50.000.

      I didn't get the second part of your sentence though. What do you mean, a "zero sum game"?

      I really like this answer because it sparks up a cool debate I was looking for. Hope I'm not coming accross as hostile

  • I think they look like big nerds on TV.

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