*URGENT* Spanish question?

So I have an oral Spanish test coming up either tomorrow or Tuesday and I need help with one question. The question is ¿Vas de compras mucho? I answered Yo voy comprar a la tienda Kohls. She put an arrow inbetween voy and comprar and circled comprar. So what am I supposed to put in between those two words. I put "a" but apparently that's not correct. PLEASE HELP!


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  • hmmm @cl_517 might know some Spanish i guess :)

  • @cl_517 speaks Spanish

  • the answer should be:
    Yo voy a comprar a la tienda Kohls
    Voy a comprar a la tienda Kohls

    hope that helps :)

    • what I mean, is that I think that the teacher was marking the missing "a" between "voy" and "comprar"

    • I know. My friend tried that & it was still wrong.

    • and the question is wrong... it should be "¿vas mucho de compras?" or "¿vas mucho a comprar?

      other possible answers could be: "Si, voy mucho de compras", or even "Si, voy muchas veces a comprar a la tienda Kohls" or "Si, suelo ir de compras a la tienda K", etc...

      don't know.. there are a lot of possible answers, but unless she is looking for something specific, any of the ones I said are correct.

  • Ethics violation!!! lol

    • At least I was close lol. It's not like I'm asking for the whole answer :D

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  • The question is asking "Do you go shopping a lot?" and you answered "I shop at Kohls". It's a yes or no question.

    • I saw that when I read it again, but she didn't make me change it so I don't know what she wants.

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    • Any time =]

    • Also for the question ¿Qué encuentras en in restaurante? I put Yo encuentro menú y comidas en un restaurante and she put an arrow before menú. Do I put "el" or "en" or something else there?

  • She's asking if you go shopping a lot and you answered I shop at kohls.

    Correct way "vas de compras mucho?"
    -sí, voy de compras mucho"

    • I figured that after I read it again but I don't know why she just didn't mark the whole thing wrong.

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    • UNOs. Menus is masculine. Comidas is feminine.

    • Oops my bad lol. I need sleeeep

  • I'm late to this I know.
    I would've answer this:

    Si, Yo voy muy seguido a comprar a la tienda Kohls.

  • No no, "Yo voy a comprar a la tienda Kohl's" is actually correct. However, the question was, "Do you often go shopping?" so that's the main reason your answer was wrong.
    You could reply with Yes or No but if you have to be more elaborate or say a complete sentence you could either say,
    "Si, voy de compras mucho" or "No, no voy de compras muy seguido."
    Did that make sense or nah?

    • Yup. I saw that when I was re reading it but then I was confused because she didn't mark the whole thing wrong. Thanks!

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    • No problem :)
      Yeah, "Yo encuentro EL menú y LA comida" is correct. "el" because menú by itself would be wrong and it's masculine. "La comida" because it has to be singular in this case and it's feminine. Sorry if I'm too late for this one :c

    • Okay, thanks again!

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