To U. K., Polish, French, and German G. A. G. users, do you know about Hydraulic Fracturing?

Do not listen to the oil companies telling you it's safe. Oppose it if oil companies want to sign a lease for your plot of land to drill for gas. It's NOT worth it.


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  • dont worry, here in uk we are very aware how risky it is. we have brains too you know. also the fracking issue has gone away for now due to low fuel prices

    • Good. I didn't believe it because I was blind but America is run not by the government yet corporate greed. Disgusting

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  • hahahah i never trust anyone 8)

  • I work in the oil field. Have you ever seen what it us? Don't listen to far left news without facts

    • Are you an idiot? This isn't about partisan groups dumbass. The FACTS are that a mixture of water, sand, and chemicals which are poisonous to humans are injected into the ground at a high pressure and the sand is used to keep open the cracks for natural gas to be collected.

      But once the millions of gallons of fresh water is used, it can no longer be used ans only about 25 to 50 percent of the waste produce is recovered. So the rest go into the aquifers or seep up from the ground because it's trying to find the path of least resistance. I know what it is... and its fucking stupid. There are a bunch of people who no longer are allowed to use their tap water to drink, who have gotten sick because they bathe an do other things in it, and are sick from the air because it's contaminated by a bunch of odorless gasses.

      Educate yourself. You can work on an oil rig and be told how to do a job, yet not know what the effects are or be told lies. Real live accounts show that it's true.

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  • Hydraulic fracturing is a problem in Canada as well, mostly out west in Alberta some parts of Saskatchewan where the oil sands are located. This shit government won't do anything about it because they only care about the millions of dollars being raked on from selling oil and natural gas to the number one customer - the US.

  • I've heard about this.

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