What does "Ready to Process" and "untracked" mean?

I ordered some makeup which I just started doing, and I looked at the info on my order from earlier today and it says untracked and order status: ready to process. And apparently it's a pretty good website because I was looking at the reviews on their service and quality and people say so much great stuff and they're so great. Saying all this great stuff about them and putting 5 stars reviews.


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  • They are still processing your order. It hasn't actually been given to the shipping company yet.

    • Ooh. They got it but there's a process before giving it to the shipping company?

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    • Thanks for most helpful. I hope you got your stuff

    • You're welcome. And it says shipped now in the order info

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  • it means your order has been packaged/is ready to ship, but has yet to be processed by the shipping company. therefore it doesn't have a tracking number yet. it'll probably be a day or two before you can get a tracking number.


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