Im confused? Please help me?

I had a crush on this Asian guy since the beginning of the school year. We talk sometimes but we're not really that close. I have him for PE. My 2 boy bestfriends are there too. And i just hang out with them a lot along with my girl friends. Then one day, my crush walked towards to one of my boy bestfriends and randomly asked "do you like (m/n)?" Then my bestfriend "no, we're just bestfriends" and then my crush asked again if my other bestfriend likes me Then he said, "no, we're all just bestfriends" suddenly my bestfriend asked my crush, "why you asking all of these questions? Do you like her?" And my freaking crush said, "no, i dont like Asian girls" Yep. My boy bestfriend told me their convo. Okay. Personally, this was stupid. My question is: is he trying to cover up that he likes me? Or he's just curious and doesn't really like Asian girls? Please help.


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  • Well in my opinion, I think he likes you or at least has some interest in you. If its neither of those then he probably did it for someone.