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So My friends and I have tons of fun when we game together. Our little clique has 5 players including me and we all play on PS4. I just became a gamer around Christmas after becoming hooked on a youtube channel by the name of VanossGaming. I think my friends and I could actually make it like that if we try. I'm 15 and female but all my gamer friends are guys. I don't have many games as I just started but I wish to get more in the future. The games I have are Far Cry 4, Assassin's creed:Unity, The Last of Us, Dying Light, Mortal Kombat X and finally Grand Theft Auto 5. My friends and I mostly play Gta together but sometimes we play Kombat and Far Cry. I wouldn't say I'm the best but I'm not completely horrible at Editing videos, I took a class last year so I'm fairly good. And Obviously I have a Mic and so do all my friends.

So the question is this: If I wanted to start a Youtube gaming channel, What all would I need to start and make good videos? Could I do the Job with this 'www. ama zon. com/AVerMedia-Portable-Capture-Xbox360-60Mbps/dp/B00B2IZ3B0' ( the Link but with no space between Amazon) and simply iMovie on my Macbook Pro?

And I know that the description for the Capture card says its for PS3 it will work for Next Gen right?
And the Capture car would Record the Audio From our mics'?

Thanks in advance, Sorry for taking so long... Just answer as best you can. Thanks


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  • I am a youtuber... You can take my help...

    • You should use the highest quality video possible (I use 1080p)... And you should use the PS4 not the PS3... Instead of a camera you can also use a high end smartphone which has the best recording and stereo sound... Like Lumia 1020, 1520 or note 4

    • I subscribe to you channel...

    • You are setting up a new channel or old one...

  • I use that one for my recording, you need a splitter for it to work for ps4 though


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