Am I overthinking this?

So, I messaged this guy on FB. (my friend told me to cause we have a lot incommon..) And it's delivered. He hasn't 'seen' it but he's been online since?


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  • That's what happened to me. He ended up blocking with me and I just found out that he has a girlfriend. What an asshole

    • We'd been talking for a good few weeks as well

    • he blocked you? Wow... But do you think he's ignoring the message then?

    • Yeah he might be ignoring your message. The guy who blocked me did that too. I sent a message and he was active on a site. He just ignored it. I'm sorry to tell you but don't keep your hopes up. I always just thought that he's be busy or he had work to do but I guess i was kinda right. He was too busy with his girlfriend. Honestly though love, affection and attention should never be chased. If they aren't given freely by another person then it's really not worth having. Good things break apart so even better ones can fall into place.

  • He's probably busy

    • Hmm... I don't know... I hope that's it xD

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