Festival essentials?

Going to reading festival this year - never camped before so looking for some advice and festival/camping essentials! Thanks X


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  • Experienced festival goer!!
    Take plenty of loo roll.
    Make sure you have something warm to lay sleeping bag on. Much cold comes up from the ground.
    Tin opener, or multi-function tool with bottle opener and corkscrew!!

    Don't take anything of real value like expensive cams, etc. If you take a phone, keep it with you at all times. Preferably take an old one. I use my old Nokia house brick. Most decent fests have phone charging facilities.

    I'm guessing it's at the Rivermead. I used to go there for the Womad festival before it moved down to Wiltshire. There's also the Larmer Tree fest in Wiltshire. Both are superb fests.

    Any questions, give me a PM.

    Another thing. Toilet facilities can be pretty basic and occasionally none too pleasant, especially for ladies. Take plenty of toilet wipes for cleaning the seats before you use them. I'm not trying to put you off, just being honest!!

    • MOST IMPORTANT: Don't take any drugs with you, or try to buy any there. The security guys are pretty hot on this!! Watch out for too much alcohol!!

    • Thanks for MHO!! I hope you enjoy the fest. Should be great as long as it doesn't rain too much!!

      Take care, stay safe!!

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  • how much does it cost? must b expensive

  • Hand sanitizer, wet wipes, non greasy sun cream, spare shades and hat if you wear one, good sleeping bag and tent, wellington boots, waterproof jacket, warm jumper and the rest is just clothes (not your best ones), money and drugs if you're into that (never buy stuff off randoms at festivals)


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