How can a guy get a decent paying job (above poverty level wages, at least) with a general college degree?

Long story short, I was a non-traditional student with a lot of credit hours from both private and public schools. I ran out of financial aid, and had to settle on a general degree so that I could finish college faster while paying out of pocket.

Now, I find myself unable to get a good job that requires a college degree because I'm under-qualified for specific things, and I'm unable to get a good job that DOESN'T require a degree, because I'm over-qualified. I'm slowly losing hope, because the only work I can get is retail for barely minimum wage, and it's killing my spirit.

I have computer repair knowlege (20 years of personal experience, but no professional) and a certification, but I can't even get a basic job at the Geek Squad.

I know I should go back to school, but I can't get financial aid for another bachelors degree. I'm also getting a lot of flack from my mother about racking up even more debt (I already have about $100,000 in federal and private loans).

Should I go back to get a masters degree? Should I do freelance writing and/or art? I am so lost...


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  • If you are good at fixing computers then perhaps self employment is the way to go.

    I would consider taking out a small business loan and learn how to run your own business. That way you can but Geek Squad out of business by being more competitive and still making an above average wage.


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  • i dont know its tough but you have to keep looking or get a masters.

    personally i believe college is a rip off its like the lottery. sure you CAN graduate but you have to take irrelevant courses to what you came for each of these classes cost thousands of dollars and before you know it you have a mountain of debt even if you pass all your classes that debt is still there.. then after you graduate even with a masters it can be hard. i feel especially sorry for people that picked useless majors like art, photography, gender studies and the like because there are no jobs for them just a useless piece of paper.

    the best way to go is to skip college and go to a trade school they teach you the things you came for you get out and you got a job (not a shitty one either) it costs wayy less and unlike colleges they actually teach you instead of tossing a book at you and telling you they will smack you with a piece of paper that decides if you pass based of what you remember..

    • There are jobs for art (graphic design, video game art/3d modeling), but there is a ton of competition.

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    • art has nothing to do with graphic design of the others you mentioned. i mean painting and the like. you need to take computer science for graphic design or video gaming or anything computer related. art majors are the pointless things a lot of women get for some reason.

    • Traditional art is still used for concept designs, and 3d art falls under digital animation. Not trying to argue haha.

  • hmmm do u have any other special skills? like good memory?

    • I'm a good writer... I tutored students in English composition.
      I am an artist as well.

  • You should get a job at whatever level in a field that interests you and make a mark there. Then leverage that into a better job. Experience is worth a lot. You could join the military to get rid of the loans.

  • It depends on what masters degree you would like to get. the more specialized it is the better off you would be. What is a general degree? I'm going to school for a double major in accounting and finance.

    • General studies. Only useful for getting a masters.

    • Oh i've just never heard of that before. At my school you must specialize in something. We used to have a general business degree but they got rid of that for something more focused

  • start a small business

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