How do I change my email for xbox live account?

Ok before you just answer the easy question actually read my whole message first because trust me, my situation is a little different from the normal problem. I've contacted MS and all they do is send me a thing on how to change my password even though I've literally told them at least 130 times it's not a problem with my password. MS has one of the worst customer support programs ever. I've gone on gaming forums to ask but they just belittle me for using an email tied to a service I have to pay for and are all a bunch of immature dbags.

A couple years ago my live account was attatched to an "@cableone. net" email. I no longer have that email (no I didn't stop using it it just doesn't exist cable one deleted it) because I don't use cableone anymore. How can I go about changing my email since I can't access my xbox live account since it's attatched to an email that doesn't exist any longer? When I try to log in it says there's an error with my account (it doesn't say I got the password wrong it says the account itself is having an error).


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  • you should contact customer support.

    • I already did that on multiple occasions they don't understand that it's my email not the password that's the problem no matter how many different ways I explain it to them. They think by changing my password the email attached to the account will magically come back into existence

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  • guess u should contact da owners :)

    • I already said I contacted them but thanks for actually reading the message...

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