Who/what is your favourite Disney character?

So which one is it? Post a meme or gif in the comments alongside why you love themπŸ˜‹
I have way too many but I'll settle with posting two of the all time favs :
Who/what is your favourite Disney character?
Dory cause she's adorable.

Simba cause he was the sassiest cub and a ridiculously handsome young lion with great vocal chords. You need to love that πŸ’πŸ½


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    Tiana because she's so hardworking and she knows what she wants, even though she's a poor black woman in her time period and everything's against her and that's a big inspiration for me.


    Rapunzel because she's so young but she's so optimistic and she sees good in everything around her.


    Esmerelda because of her courage and her selflessness: 'I ask for nothing, I can get by, but I know so many less lucky than I, God help the outcasts, the poor and downtrod, I thought we all were the children of God'. Even though she's not a Christian, she shows more compassion and love than many Christians did and I think that that's something extremely admirable.

    • these are great favourites! Rapunzel is adorable lol
      Esmiralda though, I completely agree. Her character is so strong and beautiful.

    • Esmerald *_* hahha Frodo can sing really well. Hellfire~

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  • This Chap


    HunchBack of Notre Dame.
    He was Born and Raised up Alone and unwanted because of his appearance.
    I respect any lad who had to grow up living with the Raw hand they had been dealt upon their birth, Because believe me, It fucking sucks.
    So yeah, he's my Favorite.

    • I always felt for this guy, and yes anyone who goes through those kinds of experiences with their heads up and spirits unbroken deserve to be admired. I can certainly empathise with that too. πŸ’•

  • I'd say Dory. She's so funny and adorable.

  • Timmon! lion king

  • I've always envisioned Snow White as my perfect girl. I'm stopping there.

    • Well she's pretty perfect- I mean fairest in the land? It doesn't get better than that.

    • It's more her romantic nature than that.

    • I don't remember her speaking too much actually..

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