What do you think of Caityln Jenner?

Or who used to be Bruce Jenner. I saw a picture of her for the first time earlier and thought, "Oh wow, she's cute, who's she? Jenner? Kylie and Khloe have a sister? Oh.. Bruce? Wow." I was in shock and then thought, "She's pretty damn fine."

So what do you all think of how she's looking? I think she's actually good looking, even with the masculine facial structue. I think she'll make whoever she's with happy.

And I'm say she because thats what she is. I don't see gender as what your genetics say, but what the person says. So anyone who says he, I would love to know who you mean cause I asked about a woman :).


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  • I asked my personal database about what I think about Jenner:


    • I guess the question would be the same if Jenner had been transformed into a seal, a polar bear or a herring.

    • If Jenner was able to transform into an animal, I would love to know how. I wanna be a wolf.

    • You're attempting to give a fuck loading is pretty much my feelings on this whole situation, but I still will say I'm proud of her.

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  • She looks pretty good in my opinion.
    I'm glad she did what made her happy despite the uproar.

  • How did she get breasts? like those they are bigger than mine for pity sake?


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  • Yes, Lets bring up this topic AGAIN. For fuck sake, This gets asked at least 5,000 Times a day and is fucking plastered all over the internet.

    Yes, He turned into a girl. Big fuckity Whoop, Thousands undergo Gender Swap Surgeries every day, No big deal.

    And if one more fucking arrogant cunt wants to start another fucking argument about how being trans is wrong, You can just fuck off.

    Seriously, Why is this getting so much attention? I have absolutely nothing against Trans people, If anything i support them, But my fucking god, Why the fuck do people feel the need to repeat this same topic over and over and over and over -_-.

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    • What do i have against them? Nothing.

      But, it seems as though they have a big thing against Trans people.

      I've spoke to 3 Muslims on this site now who all seem to have a pretty fond Hatred of Trans people, I don't know if thats something their religion teaches, Or its just a Coincodence that they hate Trans and are also all Muslim. I don't know.

      But, I was just saying Some Muslim guys. I have nothing against Muslims as a Religion...

    • Maybe both, cause the Muslims I've met were nice. Maybe cause that ain't know.

  • I'm glad she's happy now, because living a whole life feeling like the wrong sex is miserable from what I have heard. It isn't really something I've taken interest in, though, and I don't see why it's made so much news.

    I would still be very, very reserved about dating a woman who used to be a man, because the transition isn't perfect. I've heard people call that close-minded, but I think that's rather silly.

  • Not attractive at all but as long as he/she is happy then that's all that matters

  • I think that whole clan is a fucking circus.