Girls, Would you be ok with your boyfriend being obsessed with home security?

Like he has his house equipped with security cameras both outside and inside, motion sensing lights, alarm system (ADT) and also a gun for safety. Also he has his vehicle equipped with LowJack and dash cams recording front and rear veiw, also the inside. Would you think he was a freak, or respect his desire for top safety precautions?

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  • Eh, it's a little weird, but i can deal with it.
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  • We too have most of the security systems mentioned in place.. Except for the gun of course.. We also have all our vehicles fitted with tracker systems as well.

    • Awesome!

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    • I've just seen so many videos where if the home owners didn't have security cameras, they would have no proof of what happened, or if they didn't have an alarm system or a gun, they would be the ones dead...

    • Fortunately we do not have too many shootings/killings here in the UK.. Our security system is purely for insurance purposes only, as well as having peace of mind.

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  • Where do you live that you need to worry about so much security? And is it reasonably in your budget?

    • Kind of on a back road, got woods behind my house and a big yard that gets dark at night. And yes, all i make payments on is ADT.

    • Are you in a high crime area though? It doesn't matter if you only make payments on one thing if the one thing plus all your previous purchases is eating up 50% of your budget.

  • Lord no, why do you feel the need for such things? Having a gun in the house is a huge no-no for me. Huge no-no.

  • Fine by me. It's nice feeling safe.

    • See, that's what I would think too. But my ex girlfriends mom acted like I was a freak for it. I couldnt understand it.

    • Maybe she thought you're involved in anything. Moms tend to think that about their daughters' boyfriends.

  • No I'd feel safe.