A case against multiculturalism?

If you're not familiar multiculturalism is Europe's fancy word for.. well basically what the USA is.
A melting pot of cultures and ethnicities.
The idea is that, we, by becoming more like the US will benefit from it.

There are voice against this - usually far right ( big surprise... not ) and they are generally moronic: "preserving racial purity" ( which now is hiddeen under 'culture purity' ) and such other nonsense.

But here's a more subtle one and i want you to analyze it.
The critique goes basically like this.
If Europe becomes like America this process will eventually spread across the world and while the world may be more integrated it will also become more... generic and uniform.
The uniqueness of each place would no longer be since you will be able to see indian shops, chinese shops and danish shops all over the place.
Since uniformity is the absence of diversity and progress, this in turn is seen as a bad thing.

Is this the old argument of "cultural purity" in a new package?

Or is it something more?

Do you empathize or not with the claim? Why or why not - write in your answers please.


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  • Well, multiculturalism is a form of racism, because it's really saying that one race of people (usuallly white people) shoud be held to a higher standard than other races, as if those other races were incapable, which they are not.

    But, just because multiculturalism is a form of racism, that doesn't mean that all anti-multiculturalists are anti-racists. You are right to point out that many anti-multiculturalists are racists, though some of those aren't real anti-multiculturalists because they have no problem with inferior cultures, provided those inferior cultures are somewhere else.

    I should also point out that America was not historically multicultural (mult-racial should not be mistaken for multi-cultural), except arguably in one respect, the divide between the north and the south (which existed in spite of the lack of racial difference). But, I probably would agree that it is multicultural now.

    The equivalent of multiculturalism at the individual level is rejected by almost everyone: "Whatever is right for each person is whatever he or she thinks is right." Yet, people have difficulty applying that when races or nations or ethnicities are concerned. People feel uncomfortable about it. And, of course, the racist anti-multiculturalists whom you mentioned, many of whom as I say aren't real anti-multiculturalists, make it even more difficult by erasing the huge difference between race and culture or, in other words, between genes and choices.

    • No, actually that's not what multiculturalism means.

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    • " because it's really saying that one race of people (usuallly white people) shoud be held to a higher standard than other races, as if those other races were incapable, which they are not."

      This is not an answer. It doesn't make any sense even.
      Multiculturalism isn't instituting quotas, or other "omg so oppressive" systems.

    • When did I say that multiculturalism was about instituting quotas? When did I say that quotas were oppressive?

      I think you need to have a good think and to do some research. As you yourself admitted in reply to someone else, you are confused about this topic.

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  • There are always voices against change. I don't think culture stagnates though. People take the best of their past and move into the future where we create new identities and traditions. So while some things will be discarded, some will be carried on, and some new ones will be created.

    Even if you look at like France now, it's not the same place it was 10 years ago, 50 years ago, and DEF not the same as 500 years ago. And that's not a bad thing. But it's still France. It's still there and will probably STILL be there 500 years from now.


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  • I kind of do, but my personal reason for why Europe should remain with it's own culture is because America and much of the New World + Australia are relatively new. They have been "melting pots" since the beginning while the rest of the world had already been developing cultures and languages thousands of years before that. Each individual culture should remain for the sake of national identity. Let America change the way it wants - it's national identity is not rooted in ancient tradition and culture, but more into everything that is brought into it.

    • Actually, America's language, customs, mores, traditions, and basic religions beliefs (all until very recent years, that is) has remained very stable and consistent for the last 200 years or so.. Our national identity, primarily, stems back to the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and the sacrifices people made in and out of war: The Revolutionary War, and the War of 1812 against Great Britain, against overwhelming odds, The Declaration of our Independence, and the statement asserting that man is essentially born with basic and fundamental rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of of property (or anyway one may define "happiness"), etc. and that no man can take those away. No nation had every proposed such a radical statement before, and backed those very protections and many more within the Constitution.. In addition, America was established by people of different religions, branches of faith, etc.,

    • but there was a very common stream of Judeo-Christian morals woven into the fabric of our judicial system and our culture as a whole - general ideas about right and wrong, cultural celebrations, holidays, etc. But, today, that is all changing rapidly and chaotically, and with damaging results to each of us who live here and the nation as a whole.

    • And, very importantly, a common language. The majority of people who come here today do so illegally (sneaking across the southern border), and the majority of them learned English nor are will to. Now countless millions and millions who all speak language other than our national language, and our government, schools, etc. all cater to those languages, instead of insisting they learn English! It's just unbelievable. And that is just one repercussion of all this.

  • You are confusing things a bit. America was once a melting pot society. Meaning people came from all different places in the world, cultures, languages, and when they emigrated to the US, they would eagerly learn English , and assimilate into American culture in society, and support US nationalism, both for their benefit and well-being, as well as the nation as a whole - for countless reasons on which I could later fuller elaborate. That is not what a multicultural society is. What a multicultural society is, is what we have become over the last few decades, in particular, in which people keep their own language, customs, holidays, practices, etc. And because of that our unity and commonality as Americans, and, again, for many reasons, has greatly diminished and weakened.

    • So it's overall a bad thing then?
      I must admit there is some confusion between assimilation and multiculturalism. Even i struggle to grasp the idea fully.

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    • Np :)

    • There are plenty of atheists in the US, but the truth is, that, they have benefited greatly from the Christian influenced in our society and legal and judicial system especially. Please see my comments under "TheDudeHere". Our recognition of very special and powerful God given rights as a human just for being born, and those federal Constitutional protections is something which has benefited all Americans no matter what their faith may be. What a concept! No king or dictator or Democracy prior to the establishment of America had ever gone to these lengths. Our Founders knew first-hand the oppression of a corrupt and powerful king, and it was their prerogative to take as much power out of the hands of government and give it to the people. Which is what it did. The world's first representative Republic. And had it been atheists setting up this nation, it would have inevitably not gone that way, for starters. Our Founders came to these conclusions from the nature of God and from Scripture.

  • what's wrong about wanting your homeland to keep its culture and race and way of life vs letting floods of immigrants, who share neither your history or race or beliefs nor way of life?

    ever heard of darwin? survival of the fittest?

    • Ever heard of racism?
      "Rational" male?

      Most immigrants integrate so your 'culture' is not threatened at all. This is just right-wing propaganda.

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    • If Egypt was better developed than the US ( you are definitely American because that racist garbage is coming from there ) you would be banging on their door instead of the other way around.
      On that note please if your country ever hits rock bottom do not come to any other countries - gotta stay true to your "principles".
      In reality you would bail out and swim to Europe like all the racist rats. Or whomever you would live happier.

    • Says the anonymous little chickenshit, ha.