Do you watch Chrisley Knows Best? Whats your opinions on the show?

I think the show is a bit entertaining. Its a lot better than the Kardashians for those of you who aren't a fan of KUWTK... Todd Chrisley is far from attractive in my opinion and so is his oldest daughter and two oldest sons. His wife, youngest son, and youngest daughter are kind of cute though. His grandson and granddaughter are adorable. Everyone has seen in the tabloids that the Chrisleys have gone broke so I'm not sure why he claims that they downsized because the kids are going off to college lol... I love how Chrisley is kind of strict with his kids. Most people let their children do and say anything now a day.

Do you watch Chrisley Knows Best? Whats your opinions on the show?

He's clearly ashamed of losing his mansion.

Their new home is nice though smaller.

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  • They remind me of the Kardashians...
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  • who is he?

    • Some famous real estate agent I think lol.. All I know is they have their own tv show in Georgia

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    • You from America? I am and there's no Sky down south

    • Nope i lived there for a bit and I fucking hate it lol

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  • Who are these people and why should I care about them?

  • I've never heard of it before

  • i dont watch it.

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